A Few Fresh Ideas

A Few Fresh Ideas
January 31, 2019 Virtual Consulting

By: Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner

  1. Speed

After every major decision, CEOs always say, “Why did it take us so long?” So there’s something to be said for seeing through the noise and moving at double the speed you think possible, separating the wheat from the chaff. Your prize grain is rapid commoditization through digital. Which means a headlong rush to margin pressure. Which means we don’t have time to sit and contemplate going digital. We’re only going digital.

  1. Unify the forces of big data and business process detail

The biggest stumbling block or delay tactic in digital transformation is the eloquent argument claiming no progress can be made without a) having clear and perfect big data, or b) having clear and perfect detailed business processes. Trying to fix these in isolation leads to 2 years of zero progress. Digital transformation exists in the tension space between leveraging imperfect data with unsophisticated business processes. Digital is an infinite work in progress. Data will always be imperfect and business processes will always be evolving. If you get this, you’re on right side of history.

  1. It’s all about your people

Technology is but the Nike shoes. Humans do the running. If your people can’t run, all the cute neon shoes will never help.