Scenario Planning to Amplify Corporate Imagination

Scenario Planning to Amplify Corporate Imagination
September 21, 2022 Virtual Consulting

By Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner


Scenario Planning deepens our understanding of the future and improves planning quality. It does so because the conceptual thinking required includes creating multiple interpretations about macro shifts that we so often just take for granted. It also informs leadership about the value of new and novel business options to maintain a growth posture.


We contend that companies must change their relationship with the future by recognizing its un-plannable and emergent framework. Scenario Planning constitutes a strong initiative to better prepare and shape the conduct of the leadership team toward their own individual responsibility for anticipation and strategic execution.


Our Scenario Planning process speaks to the corporate fiduciary responsibility to foster financial progress in a sustainable future world. It also speaks to leadership accountability at an individual level.


This includes an accelerated energy transition and adoption of a wider range of renewable products and new commercial business models.


Different assumptions generate different imaginary futures. For the most part, these assumptions are taken-for-granted and not reflected upon. Leadership must be guided to see through the insurmountable volume of false facts published on social media living next to multitudes of now redundant, mostly dystopian mental models of the future.


The unique power of Scenario Planning is its ability to overcome corporate poverty of the imagination, a known scourge, and to develop new sources for innovation as an essential ingredient of progress.



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