Boardroom Rehearsal

Boardroom Rehearsal
September 17, 2019 Virtual Consulting

By: Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner


If research shows that an offensive strategy adds about 5% to your EBITDA, and a defensive strategy reduces EBITDA by about 1.5%, and that 15.5% of the players that have deployed offensive platform strategies have reported extremely better results, how does one future-proof an offensive strategy in a highly volatile and unpredictable business environment?


The creation of multiple futures through a Scenario Planning process is not only the obvious course of action, but it also prepares the executive team for potential disruptions. Action in the event of a disruption is swift because executives “remember the future” and are able to respond based on a rehearsed playbook that results in superbly faster course corrections to stay profitable.


Here at VCI, we have nearly 30 years of experience in facilitating Scenario Planning workshops for executive teams with some wonderful war stories and extraordinary successes.


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