Digital Safety to Spearhead Your Transformation

Digital Safety to Spearhead Your Transformation
April 24, 2018 Virtual Consulting
By: Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner

In most instances, the exercise to find a way to anchor digital transformation is difficult due to number of potential angles, variables and solutions. Those in the retail space usually default to some customer engagement hook and then work their way back from there. But where do you start when you are in a commoditized sector or where customer engagement simply does not make a dent in the universe. If the kick-off point is not necessary the customers, then could it be engaging the ecosphere, or perhaps the supply chain, or it could be the internal IIoT space or perhaps fiddling with AI and big data? The hesitation we have is that any of these approaches do not necessary drop benefits to the bottom-line fast enough.


Using a digital safety platform as an entry point is worth serious consideration principally because safety rules, procedures and behaviors permeate every step most asset-heavy organizations. Anchoring digital transformation in the realm of safety has the benefits of both supporting the principal values of the organization and that it is a compliance-driven activity which means everyone is obliged to do it. Once the digital safety behaviors are part of the day to day safety activities, it becomes that much easier to deploy digital solutions in every far- reaching corner if the organization’s business processes.


VCI is actively working to make this strategy a reality with several proof of concept projects.

VCI now offers The RUT Digital Safety System.

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