Expand Your Tool Kit

Expand Your Tool Kit
August 13, 2019 Virtual Consulting

By: Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner

Scenario Planning directly contributes to both visioning and strategic planning by providing a broader view of the world now and into the future. Scenarios tend to include a much wider horizon for our understanding of the future and consequently, expands our wisdom in making judgements.

Our process for clients uses emerging global forces and trends to create specific Scenarios, and we make sure they are logical and compelling. We then develop a series of economic models to explain the various Scenarios in numerical form to enable management to create a range of strategic options. The options are validated both in terms of a Scenario fit as well as in real options valuations. It’s from these validated options that we then develop more detailed company strategies.

Like many strategic planning projects, the objective here is to enable management to concentrate their efforts on the fewest critical issues possible. Diluting efforts is mathematically the same as hedging, and few succeed beyond maintaining a near average performance. Our Scenario process has two advantages: it splits hygiene factors from strategic factors so we don’t “oil the squeaky wheel,” and by looking at the external future world, we don’t look at fixing yesterday’s problems but rather focus the management team on building capabilities that monetize industry dynamics as they unfold.

VCI’s Scenario Planning workshops are designed in a 2-DAY format for your management team. The outputs will provide management with an enriched, more dynamic, more strategic outlook. And your decision making will have the benefit of thoroughly considered variations in the industry.


Gideon Malherbe