Opportunity for Technology Function Review

Opportunity for Technology Function Review
September 27, 2019 Virtual Consulting

By: Brad Barton, VCI Senior Technology Consultant

With the increased importance of technology and digital enablement across all industries, the once quiet realm of IT needs additional focus and strategic alignment.  It’s increasingly important that the technology function within the organization executes effectively on priorities, and operates efficiently within cost constraints.  Many companies offer tools and engagements to benchmark or evaluate an internal technology department.  Most of these organizations offer outsourcing or other services themselves, making it difficult to obtain a truly unbiased view.


Our process for clients is short and simple, and relies on expertise from decades of senior technology leadership experience. We interview senior business stakeholders, as well as technology leaders.  The objective here is to work through a framework of people, process and technology to quickly identify blockers to productivity and effectiveness and make some recommendations and options.  We seek to enable management to concentrate their efforts on the fewest critical issues possible.


VCI’s Technology Function Reviews are designed in a 3-DAY format, including two days with IT leaders. The outputs will provide management with an unbiased view on actions that could improve the effectiveness and strategic alignment of your technology function.


VCI’s Technology Function Review is an ideal component of your year-end planning and budgeting work.


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