Don’t Get Trapped… You still have to build your business…

Don’t Get Trapped… You still have to build your business…
April 25, 2020 Virtual Consulting

By Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner

With the advent of COVID-19, we have many executives getting overwhelmed daily by crisis issues.

For example: Can I charge employees’ leave days against their stay at home orders? Does PPP include commissions? Can I dismiss someone who doesn’t show up to virtual work sessions? And so on.

It’s easy to get paralyzed in considering a variety of moral, ethical and legal issues.

One of the enduring frameworks we use in our Scenario Planning process is the well-known 3-Horizons planning model.

This is useful because it doesn’t diminish the executives’ accountability to resolve the day-to-day dilemmas. But, it helps to realign their focus to include the responsibility to look at longer-term objectives.

Think of 3 Horizons as:

~ Horizon 1 ~

The COVID-19 crisis and daily operational challenges


~ Horizon 2 ~

Simultaneously developing the appropriate strategies and actions for a post COVID-19 world


~ Horizon 3 ~

The initiatives planned for the long-term transformations and pivots required to be successful a decade or more from now


One cannot discount the long-term initiatives for short term gains. As with every short-term gain, without long-term positioning, there is an inevitable payback to come.

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