The Beauty of Digital

The Beauty of Digital
August 2, 2018 Virtual Consulting

By: Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner

The rapid digitization of business is a key change activity around the world today. But the underlying technologies are available so fast and furious, some companies just don’t have time to connect all the dots. We often find that people personally own and use technology that is more advanced and integrated than their company’s technology. People also use their personal aps much more creatively in their free time than they do at work. The personal digital world is relatively easy and friction-free.

The business world knows it must overcome the dissonance between the ease of the personal digital world and the chunky, often bureaucratic and outdated business world. As more industry players learn how digitization adds value, management teams are getting more comfortable approaching digitization with an enterprise-wide lens. It’s true that a business can operate in a fully integrated, visualized and real-time fashion, with all the divisions and departments digitally linked and optimized.

But it’s important to remember that people are an important component of any digital strategy. Digital strategies should include the design and deployment of multi-functional collaborative work environments where decision cycles and business processes are transformed with digital solutions and how people do their work. More and more management teams are investing the time and energy necessary to design a proper digital strategy that includes people, process and technology. The added benefit of this whole approach to digital transformation includes a positive evolution of corporate culture.