Scenario Planning as a Leadership Development Tool

Scenario Planning as a Leadership Development Tool
August 23, 2022 Virtual Consulting

By Gideon Malherbe, VCI Founding Partner


Scenario Planning is designed to accelerate strategy execution by introducing techniques that will assist leadership in becoming more competent in foreseeing the future and identifying ways to achieve a better future for the company.


The capacity for your leadership team to reflect on their continual anticipation is developed with active Scenario Planning workshops, through which these assumptions are not merely made visible but also potentially challenged and dissected to result in new, perhaps more novel, but certainly more expansive, assumptions.


Scenario Planning requires investment at the individual leadership level as a deliberate move to understand how to make use of potential futures by consciously anticipating the times to come. The intention is to future-proof the company by establishing a culture of future-orientation and future-literacy throughout your leadership team.


When you make Scenario Planning an integral part of your corporate evolution, you seek to improve connections between knowledge and action to achieve positive changes. The concept of future-based planning as a competency starts with the idea that your leadership team constantly handles and prepares for the future, based on anticipatory assumptions. Interestingly, anticipatory assumptions are the most basic components of leadership activities as they underlie all the collective imaginations of the future.


But rather than just making assumptions as a passive practice, our Scenario Planning is proactive and aspirational. It works to release leadership from the default of taken-for-granted assumptions, and facilitates the progression of individual leaders to become effective agents of change. With this, the responsibility for the future is given to leadership who are better equipped to consciously steer the company’s strategy.


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