ZOOM Scenario Planning Workshop for Your Management Team

ZOOM Scenario Planning Workshop for Your Management Team
April 26, 2020 Virtual Consulting

Now, more than ever, Scenario Planning is key to business survival.

While not a crystal ball exercise, the process of identifying various Scenarios under a Wild Card event helps industry leaders really focus their thinking. It helps them identify a range of possible and specific maneuvers for each Scenario. And it helps build an arsenal of strategic options to use when a trigger event happens.

This helps business leaders to further hone their decisions to maximize value during the crisis.

How you make decisions now will probably have implications for a long time to come.

VCI has conducted literally hundreds of Scenario Planning Workshops for clients wanting to bring more dimension to their strategic initiatives.

VCI now offers our same great methodology in a virtual workshop format via Zoom or Teams or Webex.

VCI’s Scenario Planning Workshop will guide your leadership team to quickly pull in, categorize, and disseminate an array of information to create your own company Scenarios and related actions.

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